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"Tongue" suspect pushed Chuk Yuen bamboo l face shop rents the o

"Tongue" suspect pushed Chuk Yuen bamboo l face shop rents the old ready to move
Yesterday, a microblogging caused by the old Guangzhou and eat the goods are of concern: "The second episode in the" tongue "pasta topics for the South to send pasta to earn a place in the old traditional noodle shopR4 revolution, Guangzhou city minority adhere to the traditional hand Chuk Yuen bamboo l surface of the system noodles old shop owners suddenly increase more than double the rent, will be closing in on the 18th of this month. landlord originally only charge them $ 9,000 rent, but because a broadcast of the documentary, the landlord received 1.8 million yuan. "
Many users are forced to pay for the owner rents Mingbu Ping. Reporters interview the owner, Mr. Lee said is popular because of the "tongue" up rent is not to say, he has decided to move out.
Mentioned on the microblogging Chuk Yuen (Bamboo) l noodle shop is located in Heping West Road, on the 8th, from the crossroads of only about 10 meters. R4 sdhcThe reporter saw, although it is 16:00, but continue to have customers come to eat noodles.
Passenger traffic increased after the broadcast
The shopkeeper said Li Shilin, since 2004, rented the store business has been done now. "There are around 83 square meters, when the rent is 4500 yuan, up by 10 percent per year to this year's rent for 9860 yuan." Lee said, on June 20 this year, he and the owner of the shop is the original contract expires. last month when the owners to rent collection, and now their prices are relatively low.R4i Gold "The owners said to be 18,000 yuan." Mr Lee said that this rent can not afford, we can only put up red paper, inform the shop of the old folks who will move into the Liwan Road branch.
Mr. Lee said that although bamboo l surface is not unique, but the shop surface selected flour, as well as and face with the duck component, as well as under alkaline to neutralize the acid-base balance has its own unique experience. Service three more than people think to put alkaline in order to make the surface become flexible, in fact, is not the case, under alkaline to acid-base balance, so that the noodles do not degenerate, the elasticity of the noodle is time to get in surface pressure with bamboo . "Lee said.
Shopkeeper Li Shilin, said: "television program broadcast guests really more nearly into two or three in recent days our shop moved more into two or three guests, at noon, when the table take to the sidewalks are filled with "However, for a reporter's question whether it is because the" tongue "R4 broadcast, the owners proposed price increases, Mr. Lee, reservedly response said that this does not say.
Mr. Lee also said that the media help, of course. "On the TV business, but because the store is small and the traditional family business, although the profit does not mean opening the noodle shop will make money. Adhere to the hand-traditional production per day can supply? I'm not open more than a dozen stores, big boss, business, want to make are not not earn. "
The reporter from the online video "tongue" episode introduces fragments of bamboo l surface about 2 minutes, shot to the lens of the noodle shop, Chuk Yuen (Bamboo) l is not, and no given name. In the program do the surface appearance of master Li Mu-Sen, he started to play every day from eighty-nine surface, for five hours to play nearly 100 pounds of noodles, one or two a bowl of noodles operator, every day from his hand 1000 bowl surface.
Neighbourhood and regret and old
Residents have expressed dismay that noodle shop to move out, often came to eat noodles. Ate a noodle shop in bamboo l four years of customer Mr Ho said that in the vicinity of moving goods, one week should eat or twice. "It suddenly did not have to eat will certainly not be willing to hope that in the neighborhood and come back." Mr Ho said.
Lee introduced the now negotiate with the owners of No. 76 Heping West Road, the shop where. "76 m2 each other's stores, smaller than here, to open a rent of 10,000 yuan, I think the more reasonable the EPA's environmental impact assessment through, then I will shop moved from July 1st to the 10th there. "
Lee bamboo l noodle shop is about to move past No. 76 Heping West Road, is currently an intermediary company. The company's owner said that time bamboo l noodle shop moved here, the owners agreed to existing shop vacate the part of his, and the rest give the bamboo-liter noodle shop.
Subsequently, the reporter visited several nearby shops, and found that these stores after the expiry, the owners have raised prices and the increase is not small.
Crossroads at the junction of the eighteen Fu South Road and Peace Road West, a 48 m2 stew store at No. 105, the position is similar to bamboo l noodle shop, rent three years ago when the price of 7000 yuan per year up 5%, this year's price is more than 8000 yuan, the July contract expires, the landlord raised the rent rose to 10,000 yuan.
Bamboo l surface
The so-called bamboo l surface is to rub the flour and then, using the "bamboo l" - Mao bamboo RCC panel, the body gravity dough by force uniform pressure to break out of the noodles.

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They are using R4

“They are using R4 R4, I am also using the R4, how they can play up, there are so many features, my has not”.
” how people can areabove the R4 to play , my R4 always become black and white to crash.
Tt is often heard in the player base, in fact, these things are related with the kernel version of R4. To become the master, we must learn how to upgrade the kernel of the flashcard, This will not only improve the compatibility of the flash card game, finished the game compatibility, but also add some new features for the burn card.
It is noteworthy that, on the market after May Genuine R4, and kernel version are basically the 1.08 version, shipped prior to May are basically 1.07 version, which is currently the latest version of the R4 kernel 1.10 players to buy back the R4, the first thing to consider to do is upgrade your R4, which would allow access to more features and better game compatibility. Relative to the PSP’s operating system upgrade, R4 flashcard kernel upgrade is obviously much safer, PSP that brick will definitely not happenR4 sdhc, after all, this is the official launch of version upgrades, rather than break the upgrade.
R4 latest kernel upgrade package to download to your hard drive, and then extract the good, then you can start the upgrade. R4 R4 revolution kernel upgrade process can be roughly divided into three steps: First, download the package inside moonshl directory and _DS_MENU.DAT the _DS_MSHL.NDS two kernel files, the COPY to the root directory of TF card, overwriting the original file , you can complete the initial upgrade the kernel. Second, download the package inside _system_ directory CHEAT.DAT, covering the same directory of TF card inside the same below a file, you can complete the upgrade of the R4 card cheat function R4i Gold . Third, will _system_ EBOOK and THEME of the directory two directories, covering quite directory of TF card inside, you can complete the upgrade of the R4 theme interface and software font.

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Cautious Student

One day, the teacher in the classroom would like to see a student IQ is no problem, ask him "the tree of 10 birds, shot and killed one and left a few?"

He asked, "is silent ** or other silent gun?"


Gunfire by how much? "

80-100 dB.

"That is to say will shock the ear pain?"


"Against the law to shoot birds in this city?"

"Do not make."

"Are you sure that the bird really been killed?"

"OK." Even impatient "Come on, you tell that I left a few on the line, OK

"OK, there is no deaf birds in the trees?"


"There are not related in a cage?"


The edge there is no other tree. There are no other birds? "


"There are no disability or hungry fly bird does not move?"


"Count the pregnant belly of the bird?"


"Fowling the human eye did not spend? Guarantee is only 10?"

Did not spend on ten. "Even have full forehead with sweat, and the bell rang, but he continued to ask,

"There are no silly not afraid of death?"

"Afraid of death."

"Will not be shot and killed the two?"


"All the birds are free?"


"If your answer does not lie," said the student with confidence, killed bird hanging in a tree did not fall, then got left one, if you fall on a left. "

The teacher fainted ...

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Bragging and Scheming

One person showed a hair and said he own a cow, it is bragging; a cow shows a cow, it is calm; nine head of cattle per head and dragged out the stroll again, that is today's highly criticized by the "conspicuous"; nine cattle exposed to a hair, is called the low-key; a cattle ranch he just pretended not seen hairs, it is calculating.

Bragging is a drawback, frankly is a strong, showing off is stupid, low-key is wisdom; scheming is not for everyone, everything - do not need calculating himself too seriously.

Bragging pitiful calm people close to show off the offensive, low-key people admiring scheming to distance.

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New World!

New World!
Here my secret Garden.
So welcome myself!


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